Sometimes there is a thin line between pornographic and erotic, and Brooklyn-based photographers Constance and Eric are toeing that line. These blurry photos were taken of 140 couples while they engaged in various sexual activities in a studio.

In an interview with Nerve, Constance explained their motivation for the photos: "I think it was really in response to this restricted definition of sexy that gave us the idea to start this project.  We want to show that beauty and sexuality are self-defined and should not rely on external influences." Eric added, "the greatest compliment we get is when someone looks at a picture of say, one person on their knees in front of another and they say, 'I love how the young woman is in such a submissive position in front of her man.' When in reality it's two men in their late 50s!"

Constance and Eric say they avoid the term erotic because most erotic photography is "trash." Check out the images above and decide for yourself what it should be called.

[via Flavorwire/Nerve]

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