The Sagrada Família is the gigantic lifelong project by Antoni Gaudí, who is also known as "God's Architect." The work has not only been visited by tourists worldwide, it has also seen appearances by other major architects and the pope himself. Despite the altar being 'divinely inspired', 130 years later it's not finished yet.

Gaudi died in 1926 while still working on the altar. However at the time of his death, only 15 to 25 percent of it was completed. The Sagrada Família has been in construction for over a century, but 60 Minutes has decided to give viewers a tour of the construction in the video below. They venture through the maze of rafters and chisels busily working away to finish the masterpiece.

The structure is complicated, which is why it has taken so much time. Also, construction suffered a setback when a man set fire to an area of the basilica in April 2011. ”The damage is worse than we had thought,” architect Jordi Bonet said back in 2011. Mark Burry, one of the head architects, said to 60 Minutes that completing the project will take another 13 or so years.

[via CBSNews / EpochTimes]

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