No matter how you categorize your style: #menswear, streetwear, street goth, rocker, skater, or your just as yourself, you've worn a pair of jeans and they were probably from Levi's. Denim has grown from something that was only worn by people in mines or who toiled with hard labor, to the epicenter of the fashion industry, and as everyone's favorite part of their wardrobe.

But how did Levi's rise to the monolothic stature that it now grasps? It has been a long road, but from its start at the San Francisco gold rush to being worn by movie stars that we've all admired, Levi's has established itself as the player in the denim world by offering a great product. Simple as that. It's been 140 years since the introduction of Levi's first 501 jean, so there's more than enough history you need to brush up on. Here are 50 Things You Didn't Know About Levi's. Check out this related Levi's video from Complex TV's original show "Cut & Show". 

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