Occupation: Creative Director, Fashion For Men
Signature style: Elevated Surplus
Notable work: Co-founded the world-famous Parisian concept store colette.

Milan Vukmirovic may not consider himself an #influencer, but there is no doubt his work has been influential. After acting as Creative Director of Jil Sander from 2001-2003, he took on a seven-year stint as the EIC of French publication L’Officiel Hommes. Lately, his style is characterized by a bunch of next-level field coats paired with easy-wearing scoop neck tees and aviator shades. The man absolutely kills it in the Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply M-65 with the Native American-inspired yoke. Last year he launched Fashion for Men, a luxury men's fashion mag in book format.

Interview Magazine's Aaron Young said it best: "If Benjamin Franklin were alive today and had an interest in fashion and design, then he’d probably have a career very much like Milan Vukmirovic’s."