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Caputo & Co. was founded in 2011 by Alex Caputo, an accessories designer you may not have heard of, but whose designs you almost certainly wore back in the day before you realized the GAP was, well, the GAP, and Four Pins was, well, the shit. Caputo was one of the mega-retailer's top accessories designers who has since moved on to greener and much doper pastures. His label's most recent collection of bags are unique in their blend of workwear and textiles, while the label would prefer we call the collection "a mix of Central American heart with North American soul". Sure. Right. Whatever. What you really need to know is that these bags are made in America and feature textiles handwoven in Guatemala through a non-profit organization called Communidades de la Tierra (or, "Communities of the Earth" for all you dudes who flunked Spanish in high school because your teacher was a smokeshow). The organization provides otherwise-would-be migrant workers with higher paying factory jobs so that they can support their families while remaining close to home. Head to the newly launched Caputo & Co. online store to cop a new bag and do your good deed for the day, even if your Spanish skills still sucks.