When your folks and friends try and tell you that Internet hype is unreal, point 'em this way. Thanks to all of your #menswear ramblings and reblogs, Brunello Cucinelli is now a billionaire. OK, we forgot to mention that it's probably because he makes some of the most elegant cashmere sweaters, blazers, and outerwear that come out of Italy (or anywhere), but the designer is swimming in some serious dough.

A year ago, the designer of the eponymous brand decided to take his brand public, and since then, the stock has rose to a net-value of over $1.5 billion, Bloomberg reports. That's a lot of sweaters, even if they do ring up at around $2,000 each. 

So how is the designer celebrating his new-found wealth? By staying humble and taking in the Italian rural life. “I am thankful, but in all honesty, my life has remained the same as when I was working alongside my father, farming in the countryside,” Cucinelli told Bloomberg.

[via Bloomberg]