Buddha's birthday is a celebration and accordingly Seoul, South Korea created this stunning array of lanterns. They are placed everywhere throughout the country--in parades, around temples, and even throughout the streets. It is a Buddhist belief that lanterns symbolize wisdom and have the power to light the world.

The photos above come from Flikr photographers who saw the fantastic celebration themselves around Jogyesa Temple, one out of the many places celebrations are occurring. Thousands of lanterns of different shapes and sizes make a sea of beauty.

The event is usually celebrated on May 17, the full moon of May. It is an important day for many Asian countries, including Japan and India. Other regions like Hong Kong, Macua, and South Korea see the day as a holiday. The exact day of Buddha's birthday is unknown, however scholars think he was born around 25 centuries ago.

There is a legend that Buddha was born in Nepal to a wealthy Hindu family. It is believed that on the night he was conceived, his mother, Queen Maya, had been dreaming about a white elephant that somehow had six white tusks. It walked around her three times, stuck her, then vanished into the right side of her body.

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