White Mountaineering and Moncler are two brands that definitely get each other, even if it doesn't seem like it on the surface. Both brands produce technical clothing for the great outdoors, but are more designated for fans of luxury or high-end clothing. That doesn't stop them from making awesome clothes. We previewed a collaboration between the two brands, and we were curious what a complete collection would look like—now we have a full look.

There's a play between looking stylish and actually surviving the elements—especially since you kind of can only wear these garments when it's really cold out. The mix of quilted pants and printed jackets add depth and texture to each look without "doing the most." So if you're the type who stays inside once the weather goes below 40 degrees, you don't have to be that guy anymore. You can be knitted from head-to-toe. Seriously, think about that for a moment; it's like being in your pajamas as a five-year-old, but socially acceptable. Just don't wear the lipstick these models have on.

[via Hypebeast]