At one point or another, we all dream about being a rock star. Not just because they perform in front of thousands of people and get all the girls, but because they look so cool. Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig is one of the most stylish rock stars ever, and he's willing to share why he dresses the way he does. You might associate rockers as Vaudeville-like peformers with outrageous outfits that are only appropriate for sold-out stadium shows, but Koenig dresses like your average guy, but really great.

One of the focal pieces of Koenig's outfit and every stylish guy's should be a nice watch. The rocker sat down with Esquire to discuss his eye for the right timepiece. "Now that I have a watch, I notice other people's watches. This leads to more conversations about watches and more time spent thinking about watches." Koenig told the publication, "You start as an earnest young man who's trying to keep track of the precious minutes of life and suddenly you're a potbellied old bore trapped in endless conversations about Panerais."

Koenig then became contemplative about the relationship between watches and life. "The watch is a symbol of both money and time, right? " Koenig asked, "A $20,000 Audemars Piguet on your wrist clearly shows that you are rich, but a watch, measures the one thing that money can't buy, the one thing that devours us all, rich and poor alike: time."

We know a few guys who would love to debate Koenig on this topic.

[via Esquire