Have you ever looked at men's underwear ads and thought to yourself, "Are these ads really targeted towards me?" as you look down at your less than stellar (shirted) abdomen. Apparently, you're not the only one. The New York Times is reporting that underwear companies are starting to infuse regular guys as the models of their skivvies instead of the defined and mysterious guys that women tend to swoon over. Sorry ladies. 

“We are going for something a little more statuesque, and a little less steroid-y,” a designer told the Times.

And it's not just the abs the companies are trying to tone down, it's the whole package. "It should be emphasized, right up front, that 2(x)ist is a company that has long held a strict 'no stuffing' policy when it comes to advertisements," the Times reports.

Other brands, including Flint and Tinder, are taking a less sexual approach altogether to selling undergarments. “You don’t need to see a picture of a half-naked man to get a feeling of how a product is going to work for you,” brand founder Jake Bronstein said.

Now, maybe guys won't be so embarrassed to sport something other than the boxers they've had since middle school.

[via The New York Times]

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