Yesterday, Nigo officially announced the end of an era. The now-former creative director of A Bathing Ape took to Instagram to confirm what we learned in April—that he would no longer design or consult for the streetwear brand, ending his 20-year run. So, what will happen to the label now? Will Kid Cudi start rocking BAPE again to pay tribute to the designer? Will Kanye West rap about it on his new album, or bring out his full-zip Shark hoodie? 

Everyone's got something to say about the news—including, and especially, the Twitterverse. Nigo fans, Bape fans, and streetwear heads all took to the social media site to voice out their opinions. We've rounded up the angriest and best comments for your viewing pleasure. Check out how Twitter Reacted to Nigo Leaving A Bathing Ape.