Private aviation company VistaJet is serving their wealthy clientele an even fancier experience in the coming months, via a commissioned safety video by Tom Sachs. Trust us, rich people don't want the average safety video, and they, like the rest of the population, probably don't watch them in the first place. In all honesty, does one really expect a VistaJet to lose air pressure or have a water landing? The answer is definitely not, because a private aircraft is as indestructible as the crazy stacks of cash it takes to fly in one.

Sachs partnered with his former studio assistant, filmmaker Van Neistat, to create the stop-motion animation, which was initially inspired by Todd Haynes' Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story. The video, which has interior and exterior sculptures of the planes and a cast of dolls, premieres next month. Despite speculation that the cabin hostess intentionally resembles Sachs' wife, and his admittance to having never flown VistaJet, the video looks like it will be funny and entertaining, at the least. We just hope someone Vines it for us.

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[via ARTNews]