Thanks to a 2006 interview with Salon that resurfaced on the Internet, Abercrombie & Fitch (and its clothes that aren't made for fat or ugly people), became the talk of the town. Even before the outcry against the mall brand, someone brave enough decided to wear the brand for an entire year. And no, they aren't a "preppy" high-schooler, either.

Amanda Schmidt, operator of the Tumblr Abercrombie Fitch Fierce, has gone on a mission to wear what was once Ernest Hemingway's favorite brand (before it became the symbol of wearing too much cologne) for an entire calendar year. But Schmidt didn't just go to the local thrift and pick up a bunch of old shirts—she actually went out and bought them. To find out what caused this fairly-odd tangent, Vice, caught up with Schmidt and found why she decided, out of all brands, to wear A&F.

"Abercrombie is more ubiquitous. It's for young people, and it's less classy," Schmidt told the publication. "Abercrombie says, 'I live everywhere and I'm going to the mall.' It says youth."

But the real reason that Schmidt started to wear A&F is because she wanted to take it back to her middle school years. "The brand needed to be a middle school throwback. Branding rules in school. So why do this so long after my school days? In my immediate community, people no longer wear brands from middle school, but a lot of the general population seems to," Schmidt concluded.

So would you start rock horrible brands from your youth to make a statement? We want to know. And if so, which brand are you trying to bring back?

[via Vice]