Neighborhood: South L.A.
Signature style: Crewneck sweatshirts; braids.

Nipsey Hussle was a welcomed throwback on the L.A. rap scene. The rapper's slim frame and braids may have reminded folks of a certain Doggystyle emcee, but that's where the Snoop Dogg comparisons stop. The rapper has a streetwear-friendly appearance, but much like his music, it's easy to tell there's something rugged under the surface that the Crenshaw and Slauson-repping emcee is concealing.

His personal style is a mix between a kid posted on Fairfax and a legitimate G. L.A. is usually pretty warm, but don't expect to see Hussle without his signature slightly-oversized crewneck sweatshirt. It's a simple look, but he's about to hold his own with other style heavyweights, Kendrick Lamar and Dom Kennedy.