Neighborhood: Pasadena
Signature style
: Streetwear; mellow shirts for a cool high.

Hodgy Beats, a member of the Odd Future crew, gained notoriety as himself and Tyler, The Creator stormed around Jimmy Fallon's late night stage in 2011—terrorizing national television in the process. But Hodgy lives a different life than his Odd Future brethren. For starters, he likes to indulge in the green; Tyler does not. And while both men are stylish in their own right, they do make separate wardrobe choices. 

You can expect to see Hodgy in similar Supreme and Odd Future gear, but once again, Hodgy's lifted tendencies influence his streetwear style selections. You can expect to see the rapper rocking Huf Plantlife sock and the OF hat the reads "high," a logo designed by fellow crew member, Domo Genesis.