Neighborhood: Inglewood
Signature style: Shirts buttoned to the top; plenty of prints.

Blu arrived in L.A. hip-hop at just the right time—his 2007 debut album with producer Exile, Below the Heavens, rekindled a conscious but easy-to-digest form of hip-hop on the West Coast. There's a stylish demeanor to Blu's music—his uplifting lyrics have a bounce that don't come off as overly-emotional, but as an airy lift to down-trodden thoughts.

Blu's style also adds a dynamic to his swagger. The emcee keeps it simple—he rocks button-up shirts (buttoned-up, literally, to the top), printed 5-panel caps, and anything with a cool print. The West Coast, especially L.A., is a warm and simple place, and Blu's style is reflection of his surroundings.