Neighborhood: Carson
Signature style
: Staying rough and tough with his afro puffs. 

Ab-Soul is no longer just the sidekick to Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q. The fully-haired emcee was named to this year's XXL Freshman Class, and has cultivated a style that puts him on his own plane.

It's tough to call yourself Ab in L.A. (for those unfamiliar, this guy is a local legend), but the emcee's flow and flare give him a full thumbs-up from purveyors of the city's hip-hop lineage. The rapper's style revolves around his rarely-combed hair, a dark pair of shades, and a simple hat—but what we endorse most about Ab's style is his reluctance to rely heavily on popular or hyped brands. He's a shining example of a rapper who doesn't wear over-played trends to stay fresh.