If you're one of those people who hate everything streetwear and hypebeasts and the blurred lines between art and commerce stand for, the shirt you've been waiting a long time for is here. And if you're one of those people who love Supreme, and hate its haters, the shirt you've been waiting a long time (to set on fire) is also here.

Maybe you've heard that Supreme's made some recent headlines because of a lawsuit they filed. If you're familiar with the topic, you can skip this next part:

[The most important or talked-about or widely-considered or controversial or (insert hyperbolic descriptor of choice here) streetwear brand in the universe, Supreme, recently made some headlines around these parts, when they filed a lawsuit against Leah McSweeney's Married to the Mob brand for aping their ubiquitous white and red logo with her "Supreme Bitch" shirts. McSweeney managed to get constitutional rights lawyer Norman Siegel to take on her case, and throw it right back at Supreme and the brand's mastermind, James Jebbia. And then, last week, Supreme threw it right back in MTTM's face, calling their defense of McSweeney's shirts as an expression of the First Amendment a legal stunt. In the middle of all of this, Barbara Kruger—the artist who Jebbia's cited with being a primary inspiration behind the logo—weighed in, and slammed everyone involved.]

Of course, between Kruger's statement and the ongoing legal battles, some people have been inspired to create their own riffs on the entire ordeal. Those people include street "artist" Kidult, who made shirts to supposedly give away for free, but it'd seem that more than a few people have yet to see them. Well, those who want their own not-Supreme shirts? Your moment is really, finally here. 

The good people of ANIMAL New York took it upon themselves to design the above shirt—and shoot it being modeled in front of Supreme's infamous SoHo store—explaining:

To help raise awareness of the case, ANIMAL created this “Sue me” parody tee, which costs exactly nothing. And you won’t have to camp outside of a lame store on Lafayette to get your FREE shirt. Our friends at Klughaus Gallery, who also understand how important it is to support free speech and artists, have graciously agreed to let their pop-up space be a pick-up point for the tees. Just drop in and ask for one. (Only one per customer please) Check out their current exhibit PALINGENESIS while you’re there. You can find them at 154 Stanton Street (corner of Suffolk Street) from 12-8PM daily.

And for what it's worth, that Klughaus Gallery exhibit also appears to be sponsored by...another streetwear brand, LRG. So, #shots? The one question about these shirts is whether or not Supreme's going to take action against ANIMAL New York, even if they're giving the shirts away for free. It certainly seems like they're daring Supreme's lawyers to sue them by doing a photoshoot in front of and inside Supreme's store. The good news, however, is that there's no chance of you being sued for wearing one (or burning one), and—unlike Supreme's highly-protected intellectual property—they're yours for the taking

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