From: Stratham, N.H.
Founded: 1973 

Long before it was solidified as hip-hop's official boot, Nathan Swartz was crafting Timberland into a company that followed the tradition of New England shoemakers. Swartz cut his teeth in Abington, Mass. being co-owner of The Abington Shoe Company. But Swartz's interest in footwear was different than other Yankees—instead of making handstitched dress shoes, Swartz was more concerned with footwear for the outdoors. In 1973, he founded the Timberland Boot Company in Newmarket, NH, which would later go on to develop the boot worn by everyone the world over: the 10061. More readily known as the 6-inch workboot, "constructs," wheats, or simply just "Timbs," the boot gave the company life in hip-hop, credibility with manual laborers, or anyone who wanted to keep their feet warm in the winter. But more importantly, it solidified Timberland as one of the greatest American brands.