From: Perry, Maine
Founded: 1909

It's tough to find a company that makes each product specifically for the customer, and at the same time, be well-known in today's climate of replaceable fast fashion. Quoddy has been crafting handmade moccasins in Perry, Maine since 1909, and to this day, each pair still features the attention to detail that it did over a 100 years ago. The boom in menswear has seen a heralding of Quoddy, especially the brand's customizable options—you can pick out the width and sole for every pair you order. Although folks in the city have grown savvy to the Downeast Maine brand, it still offers shoes and boots that are made to survive in Maine, and are still made by the same craftspeople who have continued to do this work generation after generation. Most impressively, the brand offers footwear for all elements of New England life: hunting, working on the docks, or just something that will keep your feet dry.