19. Nike

Nike single handedly changed the #menswear footwear game. During its infancy, #menswear encouraged men to ditch their sneakers in favor of wingtips and double monks. That movement barely lasted a year no thanks to Nike’s relentless innovation. The prime example of their dominance in the #menswear casual footwear arena was with their Flyknit release in 2012. The shoe’s sleek appearance, coupled with enough manufacturing innovation literature to keep any #menswear nerd occupied for days, made it the most purchased sneaker amongst the dudes talking about clothes on the Internet community since maybe ever. Seriously,  if you think you’re a blogger, but don’t own any Flyknits, shut down your servers, sell your URL and call it a day. Somewhere along the line, this general acceptance of sneakers blurred the line between #menswear and #streetwear, which is more or less the clusterfuck we find ourselves in today.