17. Ian Velardi

Ian Velardi’s inaugural presentation for the F/W 2013 season displayed arguably the best clothes of the season. PERIOD. Velardi is inspired by a broad range of topics—old movies, street style, formula one racing pro athletes—each of which works its way into the collection in both understated and sometimes literal ways. (This dude made an actual racing suit that you could buy at Barneys). While his label just launched in 2011, he has quickly earned a reputation for creating highly wearable clothes that are not just for fashion savvy men, but men in general. The guy is a true one man show, working out of apartment with minimal help from others. Above all, Velardi's rare talent for making universally appealing clothing shines through in his garments, but perhaps more rare is his ability to create clothing that seems to have the classic characteristics of a brand that will conquer the biggest challenge of all: TIME. So many designers in today’s #menswear landscape characterize their clothes are “timeless classics,” which, in case you haven’t already figured out, is code for “fucking boring as fuck”. Ian Velardi has never been boring as fuck.