Known as one of the best novels ever written in the English language, F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, though always regarded as a classic, has been thrust back into the limelight recently with the hype surrounding the film's remake starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Having hit theaters this past week, the film itself has gotten mostly negative reviews, as it gives people a story of beauty over substance.

We hope that the major motion picture doesn't tarnish the novel's legacy. In anticipation of the film, a new cover of the novel was released with a mysterious DiCaprio pictured center page. Though there have been many covers since the novel's release in the 1920s, the original, designed by Francis Cugat, is one of the most iconic images of the roaring twenties. A recent New York Times article disputed the two covers and what they mean for the iconic literary work moving forward. In light of the recent conversation, we decided to weigh in ourselves by bringing you The 15 Best Great Gatsby Book Covers, some that actually exist and some that have been made by fans of the story. Enjoy.