This time, McSweeney re-released these products on her own. Everything from "a coffee mug, a knit hat, a cap, a mouse pad, and a beach towel" now bore the "Supreme Bitch" mark. Then Jebbia started getting questions as to whether or not this stuff was official Supreme gear. And on January 1, 2013, McSweeney applied for a trademark for "Supreme Bitch," and planned to sell it at Urban Outfitters and Karmaloop. So Jebbia did what any guy in his situation would do: ask McSweeney what the hell was going on. Given McSweeney and Jebbia's past dealings, things probably started off amicable. McSweeney allegedly assured Jebbia that she would "cease manufacturing and using the SUPREME BITCH Logo," and would keep him informed of her remaining inventory of "Supreme Bitch" stuff, per the document.