In the past few years, Diplo has been at the epicenter of the movement to "discover" and explore various sub-genres of music from around the world. He's gained rock star status only recently, but he and the people he's teamed up with have brought us head-bopping sounds inspired by cultures from all corners of Earth since 2003. While we've had fun dancing along with his rise to prominence and the development of his sound, the evolution of his style might break your neck as easily as his music does.

Since honing his sound in Philly in the DJ duo Hollertronix, the producer/DJ/label owner/model/dinosaur enthusiast has hopped around the world finding inspiration in different sounds and cultures. He's also definitely finessed his personal style, evolving from athletic gear to dapper suits and back to contemporary streetwear. From the fields of Mississippi, to dingy basement parties in Brooklyn, and now performing in front of thousands of people all around the world, see how it all developed in Style History: Diplo. 

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