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Anyone who has set foot on a skateboard knows that only the most gnarly dudes can conquer pools. The sheer vertical drop is enough to make most skaters stick to mini ramps or ledges. But pool skating and hunting helped form the foundation of skateboarding culture, and is important to the history of streetwear brands like Stussy. To pay homage to pool shredders, Stussy has enlisted Dashwood Books and Craig Fineman to publish a book entitled, Pools. The original streetwear brand didn't stop there, it also released a collection of T-shirts that feature photography from the book's pages. So grab yourself a Pabst, a worn-in pair of Vans, a couple of these tees (they're only $24 a piece), and skate your local drained pool. However, don't blame us if you knock your teeth out trying to drop in—our job is only to make you look cool, which these tees do with ease. Click here to buy the book and the shirts.

[via Stussy]