Recently in Culver City, California, UK artist Hush mounted one of his newest works at the Corey Helford Gallery. Originally a student in illustration and graphic design, Hush has since traveled the US, Asia, and Europe for his art, where he is largely influenced by street culture and the oppositions and the contradictions that exist within it. Particularly, themes of the past and the future, old and new, and the clash between Eastern and Western cultures appear in his work.

Seen in his newest mural at the Branded Arts Building is Hush's focus on an east meets west urban aesthetic, combining tags, illustrations, and various strokes all upon what appears to be an Asian woman's bust. The serenity in her face and longing expression in contrast with the chaotic illustrations that make up her form indicate the contrast of what is within her, and what she is expressing. 

[via Arrestedmotion]