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Sadly the London Southbank Festival Wing is slated for a £100 million renovation that includes relocating the Undercroft, a counter-cultural landmark that has appeared in many films and publications. The cement enclave has hosted skateboarders as well as graffiti artists of all ages since the '70s. Some say it's the oldest skate spot around, standing as a monument of sorts.

Skateboard filmmaker Henry Edwards-Wood and documentary expert Winstan Whitter held an open jam for boarders as a form of protest over the construction. The South Bank skatepark will be relocated to a space underneath a nearby bridge so that the spot can be converted into chain coffee shops and cafes. However the jam reveals the significance of the place.

Photos above from the last hurrah show that the Undercroft brought together many different kinds of people. DazedDigital reported about the event, describing visitors, veteran skaters, tourists, and many other kinds of people who paid their final visit. The destruction of the skatepark means the end of this source of community.

You can still sign the petition to save Southbank here.

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