We have told you about the Sketchbook Project based in Brooklyn, New York before. But to refresh your memory, the crowd-sourced project works like this: buy a sketch book online, create whatever you'd like in it, and mail it back. When the Art House Co-op team receives your sketchbook, they bring your work on tour worldwide and eventually add it to the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg. The video below also describes the amazing project.

The organizers have just announced dates for the "Sketchbook Project Summer Tour." They will be traveling all around the U.S. and Canada with appearances slated in over 30 cities. Not only will they be paying lots of visits, but the husband and wife team of Steven and Sara Peterman, the founder of the project and manager of Brooklyn Art Library, will be joining the tour.

Their mobile library that holds 4,500 sketchbooks will be displayed. The works range from incredible artists to the every day person on the street. They will be meeting some of the sketchbook creators and collecting stories for an upcoming book.

You can find the dates and additional information here.

The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library from Art House Co-op on Vimeo.