Driving from eastern to western Norway, scenic views can be enjoyed from the Sognefjell Mountain road. Of course, it is natural for passersby to want to get out of their cars and enjoy a visual spectacle only available from that rare perspective, but doing so creates risks for not only traffic and safety accidents, but also changes these areas of untouched vegetation. Although the pass is only open during the summer due to otherwise unsuitable weather conditions, in the single season alone it serves thousands of drivers.

Olso-based architect Carl-Viggo Holmebakk has designed "Sight Apparatus" to be used by tourists to safely enjoy the best mountain scenery. Three observatories were installed with pre-cast concrete platforms that appropriately stage the landscapes for viewing and photographing. The foundation walls were constructed on-site to securely blend the bases with the surrounding terrain. We can't imagine a better way to view nature while not fearing for your life.

[via Designboom]