Over the past year, the fashion industry and your favorite rappers haven't been able to get enough of En Noir. The brand's leather and luxury approach to streetwear has turned fans of the graphic T-shirt and raw denim into your everyday street goth. Designer Rob Garcia, Brand Director Curt@!ns, and Creative Director Jason Wolter gave Jay-Z's Life+Times an honest look at the difficulty of building a new brand, and the wave of success they've all recently experienced. 

To Garcia, it doesn't even feel like he's succeeded yet, even amongst rapper co-signs. The designer still feels like it's a wonderful struggle to design his own brand. The three partners also agreed that the brand is their link between high fashion and their streetwear roots—as it's been a well-received interpretation so far. Barney's New York is already slated to carry the line. Watch the rest of the video above to see a further look at the brand.

[via Life+Times]