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For many years at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, stray cats have been just as much a part of the college experience as reassuring people outside of New York that Pratt Institute is a real school. Recently, the administration decided that the hundreds of free roaming cats were no longer welcome due to "a health issue affecting several members of the facilities team with serious cat allergies." Brooklyn resident Yannis Trittas started a petition on behalf of the honorary students and was able to acquire 1600 signatures, but the administration was unwavering in their plans of eviction. 

Two cats were granted amnesty and the school's Chief Engineer, Conrad Milster volunteered to take in the hundreds of others since he has been looking after them for years around the school's power plant. Milster is either crazy or a true cat lover. Where is "Hoarders" when you need them?

[via Artinfo]

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