Pharrell Williams is no stranger to the art world. For years he has branched out from music making to engage with various artists and art forms and has shared his inspirations and experiences via his BBC blog and in his book Pharrell: The Places and Spaces I've Been.

More recently, Pharrell has shared photos of himself visiting his artist and architect friend Daniel Arsham in his Brooklyn studio, in Times Square participating in JR's Inside Out project, and now he is introducing a new documentary series in collaboration with filmmaker Cheryl Dunn called Creative Growth.

Available via Pharrell's Youtube channel, I am OTHER, the series explores the benefits of art and how it can impact and improve various facets of our lives. One installment of the series features the Creative Growth Act Center of Oakland, an institution that provides the space and programming for adult artists with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities to create and express themselves through their art.

We're looking forward to all the ways Pharrell continues to innovate within the arts and help those who need a voice.

[via IamOTHER]

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