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Buildings change the way we live, play, and work. Sure. But what influences the ubiquitous structures that dot America's landscape? Have you ever wondered why your home, local church, or office tower came to look as it does? Public broadcasting has the answer!

Tonight on PBS, host Geoffrey Baer introduces 10 Buildings that Changed America. His journey takes you across the continental 48 to detail groundbreaking structures that changed the way we lived. The stories are rich—equal parts shocking, funny, and sad—and illuminate the intriguing character of the architects and engineers whose collective imagination gave America its distinct look.

Among the buildings highlighted are Frank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall, Thomas Jefferson's Virginia State Capital, and H.H. Richardson's game-changing Trinity Church in Boston. You'll also visit the first indoor mall (in Edina, MN), the most important office building in North America, and private homes in Chicago and Philadelphia. The common tie between all ten buildings is the influence the structure (and, of course, the architect) had on subsequent structures. These seminal creations set the tone of our built environment and gave American's reason to rethink, and rework, the places that shape our world.

Consider this short—at under an hour, there's no criticising the pace—documentary ten reasons understanding art and architecture helps you understand everything.

For more information (and to view the other five game-changers), head to the 10 Buildings that Changed America microsite. You'll can also explore 10 More Buildings that Changed America and submit your own favorites. 

10 Buildings that Changed America airs at 10pm EST on your local PBS station.