After they dropped this editorial, Ariel and Shimon were probably driving around NYC, bumpin UGK, talkin ‘bout a murder BECAUSE THEY FUCKING KILT IT WITH SHIT. Obviously, the clothes are spot on and the styling screams wealth, but, let’s be honest, you motherfuckers have been getting boners over Ovadia & Sons for years now, so I’m preaching to the choir. I wonder if the tags on O&S joints have a disclaimer because you dudes will not look like this model no matter how hard you try. You can’t get mad at your girl for doing that body shiver thing girls do when they see a handsome ass dude like homie in question because you kind of get the same feeling and you can’t blame her. This dude is ice fucking cold. A DB and a blood bandana around his neck? WITH A BEARD AND THAT LIL BIT OF GRAY? WOAH. NOT FAIR, BRO. Basically, this is how we see ourselves. In our minds. Your girl, on the other hand, has to what you actually look like, so thank her again for holding your hand in public. Even if she lets go when she sees this editorial.