Lots of you fools are always going on about the next Seiko, which is the next Timex, which is the next Casio—great manufacturers who provide a solid timepiece at a responsible price. Having said that, nobody wants to bro out over having the exact same nato strap as the guy next to them. So, in the interest of diversity, I’m adding another name to the list of affordable watchmakers: Larsson & Jennings.

This Anglo-Swedish label has two collections in the mix. The "Classic" collection is very #menswear, featuring interchangeable nylon/leather straps and simple bi-color faces, while their newer "Resurgence" collection incorporates logo embossed suede straps and a more detailed facing. Either way, Larsaon & Jennings are killing it on your wristicle's behalf and their clean products are gaining traction as we speak (read: type). Yeah I get it brah, I sound like a total fucking brand slut, but for realsies all the little details that go into the making of a Larsson & Jennings watch are off the charts—double stitching on the straps, a genuine Quartz movement and a stainless steel casing. All for less than three hunnid. Show me a better deal at that price and I’ll show you a person of questionable integrity.