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If you think wearing black is just for street goth kids or funerals, you're wrong. Just look at Mark McNairy and Pharrell Williams' new noir collection, BBC Black.

The collection was initiated by a trip McNairy made to Crye Precision's. The design duo visited the military uniform factory to preview camouflage prints and fabrics for their Bee Line collection, but left with a new idea. The rad, black materials at Crye have inspired this monochromatic ensemble of garments.

The design duo conversed with GQ and gave the mag a look at what BBC Black has in-store. They also share what makes them a successful design tandem. Essentially, it boils down to McNairy and Williams' passion and their IDGAF attitude which is displayed through their work.

Williams went as far as to compare McNairy to Wes Anderson. "He has a very consistent language in all of his films, even though all his films are completely different," Williams said.

Watch the video to see the complete interaction and brief look at the upcoming collection.

[via GQ]