Whenever I hear LVC (Levi’s Vintage Clothing), I just think "LBC" and then I think of Snoop Dogg and then I think of weed and it's takes a while before I come full circle back to Levi’s Vintage Clothing. Shoutout to LVC (and, sure, LBC, why not?) for having a different take on the lookbook game and not going black and white and not using models with tons of tattoos and shit. This lookbook absolutely kills it with a Motown, Detroit in the late '60s/early '70s vibe. I’m from Detroit so I am especially qualified to speak on lookbooks, or anything really, inspired by Motown. First, the actual Motown studios are 10 minutes from my house, which in New Yorker terms is, like, forever away, but DETROIT IS WAY BIGGER GEOGRAPHICALLY THAN NEW YORK. I’M PRETTY SURE WE HAVE AN ISLAND HERE BIGGER THAN CENTRAL PARK, YA BISH. Second, I really like the Motown sound and I really like Levi’s Vintage Clothing. Third, these posts are roughly 3% informational and 97% WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT THEM TO BE.