Raf Simons—thanks to a host of rapper co-signs—has become the go-to reference for hip-hop fans who want to display their knowledge of fashion. But what's a budding street goth to do when they don't want to dress like everyone else who just bumped LONG.LIVE.A$AP? Shop LN-CC's Raf Simons archive.

You'll find surprisingly normal and refreshingly weird pieces from the designer that span from 1998-2008. You might even cement yourself as an O.G. street goth if you rock pieces that would put you at home in a European abbey—sipping ale with monks. However, for those of you who just want some cool gear no one else has, check out the oversized sweat shorts or outerwear that would blend into late '90s rap videos.

Unfortunately, the prices are in pounds (come on, British bros, give us a break), so you'll have to get a side hustle paired with your summer internship to cop.

[via LN-CC]

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