Sometimes architects waste their talent on stupid projects. This would be one of those times. This 2500 square meter pink palace was opened to the public on May 16 as "Barbie The Dreamhouse Experience" in Berlin with a twin in Sunrise, Florida. Visitors to the Dreamhouse can take Barbie's elevator through the home and play in her foyer, kitchen, lounge with a balcony, bedroom, and of course, the walk-in closet. There are hundreds of dolls around the rose-colored castle and various touchscreen interfaces so you can learn more about the space and the history of the plastic bombshell herself while building your own personal experience with the use of RFID technology bracelets.

Besides being a humongous playhouse for children, we aren't sure why this exists on such a large scale, and apparently neither do some Berlin natives. There are protest signs and vandalism issues at the site for reasons that you would expect in a dialogue about Barbie. There is backlash over the sexist portrayals and stereotyping of women that young girls experience in such environments, from the color of everything in the house, the act of playing dress-up, and baking cookies in the kitchen.

Maybe this idea is a few decades too late?

[via DesignBoom}

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