Left Field sent over their S/S 13 lookbook for your ocular benefit. For those unaware, Left Field is v American, v New York, v tattoos and v subway trains. That means you can expect dope tees, rugged as fuck workshirts, sensible short lengths and MOAR chinos. Can we talk about cholos again please? Chinos are crucial to a skrong cholo game. If your cholo game is not on point, your trend recognition game is DECIDEDLY OFF POINT, BRO. Moving on, you best hurry up because it's already May, which means there is maybe a week (two at most) left to wear your sweet, sweet layers. Unless, of course, you are one of those magical menswear nerds that can stay layered up 365 without ever sweating. Maybe it’s just me, but I sweat A LOT in the summer. Like, a disgusting amount. CATCH ME UNINVITED AT YOUR MENSWEAR RELATED FUNCTION WITH A HOTEL HAND TOWEL, STRAIGHT DRIPPING.