It's tough for tall guys to look stylish; most clothes just don't cater to their better features. Throw a weight room full of muscles into the mix and you've got an added dilemma. So when we see a dapper big man, we give an exaggerated tip of the cap. And we just gave a huge one to LeBron James. The Miami Heat forward accepted his fourth MVP award last night, and pulled off a slim, double-breasted navy suit that didn't accentuate his lane-driving frame, but peeled him from the pages of your favorite men's publication or style blog. Except, he didn't play off trends that average guys can't articulate.

James' suit had large, peak lapels that he paired with a white and grey microdot shirt and a navy and white dotted-tie. The combination worked well because of the varying size of the dots that he broke-up with a gold tie bar. The type you'd pass down to your son if menswear is still popping. James didn't wear frameless-glasses, or take any real style risks, and that's OK. Sometimes, the best ensembles are the most simplistic; all you need is a statement piece (check his watch) and make sure everything fits well. Hopefully, James has few more great style moments planned as the Heat go up against the Chicago Bulls in the next round of the NBA Playoffs.