KTZ has been embraced by stylish rappers and celebrities, and although you've seen A$AP Rocky and Rihanna sport the London brand's printed gear, how much do you know about the brains behind the operation? Designer Marjan Pejoski and CEO Sasha Bezovski took a trip away from gloomy England and wound up in always sunny Los Angeles to show off their favorite spots and discuss the city's inspiration on their up-and-coming brand.

"L.A. has this fusion of art, music, fashion, and has this fresh energy that we are very interested in and quite inspired by," Pejoski said. "With the movie industry, Old Hollywood glamour, but combining [sic] with the new era of street culture, surfing culture, skateboarding, with hip-hop and the music industry; it's a big adventurous place."

Watch the clip above and see the guys shop for sneakers, sift through leather garments, and floss some gear you wish you could get your hands on.

[via Farfetch]