Two years ago Kidult left his mark on SoHo's Supreme store. A few months later he followed it up with a limited-edition T-shirt commemorating his work, and now that Supreme's gotten itself embroiled in a legal battle with Married to the MOB's Leah McSweeney, everyone's been talking about it.

The conversation reached a fever pitch when artist Barbara Kruger, who has usually kept mum in regards to Supreme despite the box logo's similarity to her own work, called the situation a  "ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers." To add injury to insult Kidult chimes in on the matter with this "Suepreme" box logo T-shirt. Limited to 100 pieces, the kicker is that he'll be giving it away for free today at 3 PM Eastern Time. Good luck getting your hands on one.

[via Kidult]