Have you been saying that Kapital is an "insta-cop," but just too hard to get a hold of? STOP FRONTING, BABY BOY. H.Lorenzo has a legit cornucopia of Kapital gear for you to purchase irresponsibly. I WANT THOSE COATS SO BADLY. I would look like such a steezy apocalypse survivor, which is kinda how I always react to Kapital's collections (kollections?). It’s like in those post-apocalyptic movies, I always say to myself, sure, there's no internet or society or food or whatever, but damn, at least we'll all look hella good, you know? Gotta find the silver lining, homies. Also, you get a million bonus points if, when you hear "H. Lorenzo," you instantly say (in your head or out loud, but hopefully out loud), "ME AND LORENZO ROLLIN IN A BENZO."