If you're counting down the days until June 18, the release date of Yeezus, you might want to mark June 2 in your calendars as well. TMZ got their hands on the invitation to Kim Kardashian's ostentatious baby shower invitation, which is actually a music-box that plays a lullaby-version of Kanye West's "Hey Mama" and comes complete with a spinning ballerina. Adorable, but what caught our eye was the requested manner of dress: "Garden Chic."

We've co-signed florals for a minute now, but it's not a print that the father-to-be has been spotted in very often. Kim, on the other hand, caused a stir when she showed up at the Met Gala in a floral number designed by Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci. Still though, we can't imagine that either expecting parent truly has proper gardening attire, so we're excited to see how they interpret the outdoor activity by tacking on "chic" at the end. 

MTV must've been wondering the same thing, and they took the liberty to create the awesome GIF below that imagines the various botanical varieties that Yeezy could show up in. It may be a stretch to imagine 'Ye draped in fabric that's normally relegated to grandmothers' couches, but if he's tired of all-monochrome-everything, then this is a perfect chance to switch it up.

If he decides against one of these floral options, maybe Kanye will continue his self-comparisons to Jesus and come through in a garden-appropriate lightweight cotton tunic like people wore in Biblical times. Maybe he'll go on one of his recent freestyle rants about how he was never gonna wear what he was told to wear and explain, "I don't give a fuck what people think. Cause people don't think." Or perhaps he'll come through in a sunhat. Whatever he does, it'll certainly cause waves and challenge the very notion of "garden chic." You know, because "garden chic" is a thing.

[via TMZ; via MTV]