In today's bizarre news: A Japanese woman named Vanilla has reportedly spent over $100,000 on cosmetic surgery in hopes of being a living "French doll" (whatever that means). And she won't stop until she does. She first went under the knife at 19 and has had a total of 30 procedures since. Double eyelid surgery? She did that. Rhinoplasty? That too. She's also had liposuction, breast implants, eyelash implants, dimple creation, and plans to get bigger breast implants and height lengthening surgery. 

The crazy thing is women all over the world can't enough of plastic surgery, albeit most probably don't spend $100k. The American Society of Plastic Surgeon reports a total of 1,594,526 cosmetic surgical procedures in 2012 alone. The numbers in Canada and India are reportedly also on the rise. According to CNN, more Asian patients are looking to get surgery to make themselves look more "Western." And if you haven't heard, women are also going under the knife to get Michelle Obama's arms. Smh.

Check out the before and after photos of Vanilla—they'll blow your mind.

[via Buzzfeed]