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New York-based artist Jacob Hashimoto has created a large-scale installation overtaking room in Fondazione Querini Stampalia for the 2013 Venice art biennale. His site-specific project "Gas Giant" will be on display May 29 through September 1. In the work, the artist manipulates space and depth perception.

The installation is a composition made out of 10,000 bamboo paper kites, all individually hand-painted by the artist himself. The project is nostalgic for the Hashimoto, recalling childhood imagery of nature. Each paper piece is small in itself but altogether they form a large beautiful "cloud." The piece has a youthful aesthetic that makes for a stunning visual display.

Hashimoto has created many of these larger architectural works made out of smaller parts. He said to Art Ltd. magazine about his work: "I don't think my intention is to create a substantive dialogue between the art and the architecture. Rather, I try to create new architectures within existing buildings."

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