West Coast fans got excited with the announcement that Fruition Las Vegas was opening up another location in Los Angeles. The Sin City style mecca also announced special collaborations on the way in celebration for this special opening. Big names including Virgil Abloh's Pyrex, Dr. Romanelli, Ben Baller, and Fashion Figure Inc. are all involved. And with just a day away from the launch party, one of the four collaborations is finally revealed.

Officially named the “4G” collection Fruition LV pays a visit to Dr. Romanelli for a limited collection involving Givenchy archive pieces. Doing what he does best, the good doctor stitched a few pieces in his trademark mash-up style of fashion. From the looks of it there will be a cap, jacket, and windbreaker-type pants involved. Hit up the store when it officially opens to the public on June 2, or check out the Fruition LV website for the drop. Stay tuned in for more info on the other collaborations. 

[via Post New]