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The ultrasound has long been a highlight of pregnancy for expecting parents. The milestone is the first time mothers and fathers can see what their child looks like, even if the picture is just a cloudy mess with a speck or something that sort of looks like a face if you squint and look from the side. 3D ultrasounds have been around for a while, but now technology has taken the ultrasound a step further.

Japan-based electronics producer, Pioneer, has introduced a printer that turns photos of unborn babies into 3D Holographic prints, and not the Tupac-at-Coachella or rare Pokemon card kind of cool holograms. The process only takes a couple hours, so the parents can have their special prints done in the time it takes them to complete a physical and check out. You can watch the video below for all the tech specs and science at work:

[via PetaPixel]